Sunday, September 2, 2012

Yes, Patience Pays !!

I am a firm believer of inspirational speech marks. They provide us the sense of perception that is motivational and productive to lead a healthy life.  Alike me most of the people gain inspiration from these quotes which provides us energy and enthusiasm. One of the quotes I always follow to calm myself down whenever upset is “Patients Pays”. It’s a common quote and almost all the literate and the illiterate ones are aware of this speech mark. Just reading it or saying it won’t help, contemplate and give it a deep thought. You will automatically understand its efficacy.

Though I was familiar with these words since my childhood, but the first time I realized its significance was under forlorn times when had lost my vigor. I read it on a signpost, placed at a stationary shop. The shopkeeper was busy with other customers, so had time to think over it. The moment I read it with profundity everything was making sense. Immediately all the contented moments clicked my mind and so I realized that life is not consistent and change is inevitable, keeping a little patience and not dissipating energy on trivial matters can facilitate. Therefore, that very moment instigated in me a new insight that happy times are always ahead.

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