Monday, September 17, 2012

Owe Life to Parents

Sketched with a binary feeling, 
now existing is just a silent dealing.
Privation follows throughout,
I wish I could end it and take out !!

But there is much more to live for,
To commemorate and to wish for
I can see those souls who conferred me life
Who lived, struggled and fought to make me survive
How can I slaughter their nurturing?
Their prayer, their care, their upbringing
Relinquishing myself from this worthy life
Would defy the rules of the two teachers of life
My flagging away will halt their existence
This will almost be their end
Who am I, to take their lives?
Of the ones who gave me life
Yes, it’s time to pay them off
By becoming, who they have always dreamt off!!
Yes my parents are that verve
The ones, who will always remain my inspiration to persevere. 

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