Thursday, October 18, 2012

Unsurpassed University Days :-)

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It’s a perfect swine engrossed feeling, when I look back to the times of my juvenile university days. Everyone played snobbish and flamboyant recruiting the fad statement, screw to win attitude with a plucky brain, playing the infantile was their favorite game and abusing laughs which are still the cranes.

And then there was a fragile side too… listening to the over-romantic and sentimental poetry rains, sparkling at the secret crush tales, smiles around would clutch on the people’s gaze, maintaining friendships with a hard core strain.

Those wooing days remain a secret part of our heart which can be undraped with only the university counterparts. Everyone there is so very same, with binary sides of a beast and of supportive brain. Our slants remain the mirrors to each other, with some under wraps life moments, of which even best friends remain unaware.

Department was the fastidious plane which ensured an egoistic standing, decreeing one’s own to be the best then others. Elections deciding the winners over the year and shackled other parties without any fear, celebrating festivals were more important than any other doings, with girls lining up in the best of dresses and boys showing off their JATT attire not forgetting the Ray Ban aviators even at night :P The JAGO songs (Boli’s) were the treat to the ears with boys flattering the girls in every possible sphere, then again girls replying with a provocative attitude to heed more praise.  The lavishly organized fests were the exploring areas of new friendships, attitude and intellect. The stretched out functions and star nights prop up the superiority of student council, where girls turned crazy for the stars and boys structured their own bars ;-) :P

In the evening, getting into the hostel was the terrible feeling, a round in the market and sector 15 was must for all.  The afternoon visits to Stu-C were obligatory and was mentioned in our admission cards :D Library was the AC zone and ensured a glee eye dose to all the explorers. Not to forget some of the best poetry been composed at this enlightening place, with Gandhi Bhawan being the second such place ;-) Royal Enfields, Jeeps, luxurious cars with odd numbers were the style statements which ensured the trenditional train.

This endless list has a lot more to explain and there are still a lot many routine knacks that are important and insane, which remains a branch of our life with a silver spoon.

Miss you all !!


  1. U really did a great job of expressing perfectly ur univ moments..
    Memorable time in univ , best days of life..

  2. U really did a great job of expressing perfectly ur univ moments.. Best days of life..

  3. How true and how missed is all this!!!!
    i just miss the university days! they will always remain the 'golden days' of my life! glad we experienced so much there.... and met each other there too! :)