Thursday, September 20, 2012

Just One Mission for Our Nation

Vedupro: Just One Mission for Our Nation: Wish that the affinity of our past had exposed the best out of us. But on the contrary, our political system is heading towards futility....
an unfathomable moment.... stillness persists. Its not the pain of jealousy, but the serenity of loss !!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Owe Life to Parents

Sketched with a binary feeling, 
now existing is just a silent dealing.
Privation follows throughout,
I wish I could end it and take out !!

But there is much more to live for,
To commemorate and to wish for
I can see those souls who conferred me life
Who lived, struggled and fought to make me survive
How can I slaughter their nurturing?
Their prayer, their care, their upbringing
Relinquishing myself from this worthy life
Would defy the rules of the two teachers of life
My flagging away will halt their existence
This will almost be their end
Who am I, to take their lives?
Of the ones who gave me life
Yes, it’s time to pay them off
By becoming, who they have always dreamt off!!
Yes my parents are that verve
The ones, who will always remain my inspiration to persevere. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Grasp that opportunity
The one heading your way
Draw that exultance in life
That has for long been so excited to relate
Worries are no more part of the game
Come on, you are established with brain
Toil up and slog in
Oh yea, bring it in
Spill the dark link
Yo yo live the spin
Alas!! - is not our word
It's a vanished bird
This world is Almighty's kin
So say no to worry Jinn
This way, this way
Life will be an overt win !!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Musings By My Side

We are so fortunate to have been granted with astute brains. Using it in right course proclaims the real astuteness.  Each person has a sense of perception and his life is a hallmark of his thoughts. Experiences make us rich, as we have real hold on our lives.  This life has never been simple for anyone of us, yet sense of pleasure can be gauged with that inner satisfaction that is sensed only after a suffering.

Thoughts can simply be notable through two expressions – either Optimistic or Pessimistic.  Pessimism would lead to self destruction and the destruction of those concerned and unconcerned. One negative thought has the power to influence a larger area that is a step to extinction. I know, I am sounding pessimist this time, but one can actually discern it, as with the word comes such huge articulations like “Self-Destruction”, “Negativism”, “Extinction” and the list is endless. Contrary to this, Optimism is one such word that will always dig back that smile on your face. It fortifies the morale, persona and ability to face off all the challenges. 

The other day I was in conversation with my elder sister who has recently joined Art of Living. She was so thrilled to confer the changes she has felt after the basic level. Well I won’t go into the detail of our conversation, but what captivated me the most was her positive insight for being. I am not here to advertise the art of living organization, what I really believe is as much as one is leading life with a  positive approach, joining such organizations is godsend. Moreover, a positive state will actually never divert you towards such organizations and you will not really entail them.

We all are aware of most of the things that these organizations preach and they are here just to give directions and a routine. These thoughts are grounded in our psyche but we never employ upon them, until necessary.  We would never require them if we listen to our bona fide thoughts. The moment our loved one is in trouble, we are out with spirited advices but when we ourselves experience same pain we fall short of them. That’s funny human nature.

My perception about life is quite apparent, just live it and accept the challenges. Smiling face can confront the challenges healthily and wholeheartedly but a weak will remain weak and would require world’s help. Where comes the other persons help, there comes the trouble, as things become more convoluted. A positive insight alone will help you throughout, so believe in yourself and enjoy the Gods benevolence till the last breathe.  

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Yes, Patience Pays !!

I am a firm believer of inspirational speech marks. They provide us the sense of perception that is motivational and productive to lead a healthy life.  Alike me most of the people gain inspiration from these quotes which provides us energy and enthusiasm. One of the quotes I always follow to calm myself down whenever upset is “Patients Pays”. It’s a common quote and almost all the literate and the illiterate ones are aware of this speech mark. Just reading it or saying it won’t help, contemplate and give it a deep thought. You will automatically understand its efficacy.

Though I was familiar with these words since my childhood, but the first time I realized its significance was under forlorn times when had lost my vigor. I read it on a signpost, placed at a stationary shop. The shopkeeper was busy with other customers, so had time to think over it. The moment I read it with profundity everything was making sense. Immediately all the contented moments clicked my mind and so I realized that life is not consistent and change is inevitable, keeping a little patience and not dissipating energy on trivial matters can facilitate. Therefore, that very moment instigated in me a new insight that happy times are always ahead.

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