Monday, July 9, 2012

Focused Values

Being from a Jat clan realized the immense pressure of maintaining the values.  Since the beginning of my comprehending age, the only thing I was sure and proud of was ‘my culture’. It is like breathing among the people of same clique who posses’ almost identical outlook and anticipate their future generations to act and live same. Leading a life is quite simple as your know-how is centered on rules and regulations that you happily follow. Your judgment zone is mesmerized and you enjoy your living.

However, at a particular age (adolescence) comes the sense of revolt that emerges and continues for a prolonged period. The major change comes due to easy differentiation among cultures. Mainly when a child moves out and witnesses the children of other clans he experience change and could identify it easily.  Here, the child prefers and develops new habits, as grass looks greener on the other side and that’s where the clash of mind and identity begins.

Sometimes it happens at a little later stage that is around 20’s when a child leaves home and shifts to another place for higher studies. But, some things are grounded through roots and you cannot change them. You will love the new culture initially but even then deep in your mind you will remain conscious of your own conventions with whom you strongly agree. You may not want to reveal your inner thoughts but you would prefer your own principles amongst all. Lately, when you come back to your place, among your own people, you sooner realize that it was just a surreal life and getting back to real is the need of an hour. Soon you indulge in your own world which is again highly influenced by your clan’s principles, where your heart actually is. Therefore you become pretty sure that you would certainly slot in the same values in your future generations.  

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