Saturday, August 17, 2013

Teacher's for Life

The presence of almighty is discerned by heart and it’s the presence of mind that drives us to the world of spiritual Guru’s and Idol worship. The ways of veneration are taught and told to a child in the initial years and then the grasped knowledge gradually heads the child’s musings toward an advanced stage. People change their way of worship but ultimately their goal is to admire that omnipresent power which relates to the real meaning of existence and beyond it.

It has been witnessed that the characters in the Hindu mythology draw the meaning and goal of their life through their Guru. Even in the contemporary world, Guru i.e. sometimes a Preacher or a Teacher has the highest arena of shaping an individuals demeanor. It is sensed that with experience, lot of life lessons are ascertained, but, a contour or a moral is clenched through a course liberated only by a Guru. This teacher meets us in the form of our grand parents (entertaining us with a pigeonhole of life experiences), the parents (crafting in us the symbolic life goals), the teacher (inscribing in us the worldly practical knowledge), the Preacher (ultimately providing us the path of devotion with precision), siblings (sculpting the warmth of secure reliability), the kinfolks (providing the effect of oneness), and friends (a non blood relation that stands by us through thick and thin).

Why is it often accepted that a fall trains a child quite well? Why is it said that the present sufferings ensure future glee? The only riposte to such queries is that life is a lesson and experiences illustrate the real meaning of survival. The veracity of Karma and Dharma adds to the momentous training. This enduring learning process yields the assorted aspects at various times.