Monday, July 23, 2012

Learning Your Own Way

I am a person with a puny general knowledge, being a Gemini, I feel that I do not have any hold on my interests and my loyalties keep shifting. I might start with a series / season but can end up anytime due to lack of interest.  Although I would want to retain back to the place where I left and start a fresh but somehow would stay away for a while and when everything else seems too boring and I am left with no other than the only choice, then I might strike back that too “MMMight”. I am not sure, whether all other Gemini’s feel the same but this is certainly a common trait between me and my Gemini friends.

My biggest concern is to stay acquainted with the most common things and the ongoing activities as I am too conscious of my dismal general awareness and so I bank on internet surfing. The best thing about surfing is, you can switch to any topic and area of interest the moment you feel bored with the present one. Even social networking sites are a big boon for people like us, as sharing of information and discussions over current trend keeps us posted. This technological advanced world has so much for us and a smart person is considered to have a cosmic profound knowledge.

During my graduation days I was quite inspired by my teachers. Coming from an English background, they were sensitive to all the sophisticated talents and people. I always wanted to be like them but, my inability to stay over a topic for an elongated period has always been a hitch.  I too wanted to have a deep knowledge about music, dance, and painting. Even the series I watch always enclose that the upper eastsiders exhibit their interest in such talents. Presently, I am struggling to cope up with this erudite world and am bewildered do I have fellow companions who face the same? 


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    1. Akanksha I think you have potrayed the patrait of a GEmini girl better.Got the glimpse of you as a girl... anyways keep writing.. good luck for your future.