Saturday, August 17, 2013

Teacher's for Life

The presence of almighty is discerned by heart and it’s the presence of mind that drives us to the world of spiritual Guru’s and Idol worship. The ways of veneration are taught and told to a child in the initial years and then the grasped knowledge gradually heads the child’s musings toward an advanced stage. People change their way of worship but ultimately their goal is to admire that omnipresent power which relates to the real meaning of existence and beyond it.

It has been witnessed that the characters in the Hindu mythology draw the meaning and goal of their life through their Guru. Even in the contemporary world, Guru i.e. sometimes a Preacher or a Teacher has the highest arena of shaping an individuals demeanor. It is sensed that with experience, lot of life lessons are ascertained, but, a contour or a moral is clenched through a course liberated only by a Guru. This teacher meets us in the form of our grand parents (entertaining us with a pigeonhole of life experiences), the parents (crafting in us the symbolic life goals), the teacher (inscribing in us the worldly practical knowledge), the Preacher (ultimately providing us the path of devotion with precision), siblings (sculpting the warmth of secure reliability), the kinfolks (providing the effect of oneness), and friends (a non blood relation that stands by us through thick and thin).

Why is it often accepted that a fall trains a child quite well? Why is it said that the present sufferings ensure future glee? The only riposte to such queries is that life is a lesson and experiences illustrate the real meaning of survival. The veracity of Karma and Dharma adds to the momentous training. This enduring learning process yields the assorted aspects at various times.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Incredible Us

I have constantly been a hard core nationalist and even during the CWG scam, persisted on our hospitality and rich culture which defines a guest on par to God i.e. “ Atithi Devo Bhavah” until recently, when I visited the Taj Mahal and nearby monuments. To my complete astonishment it was deplorable cum sad visit. Being convivial, our ministry or whoever is responsible for security domain, isn’t aware that their male security personal had the audacity to scrutinize a female foreigner’s hand bag gazing at her in the most lewd manner. When I confronted, the explanation I received from his feminine co-worker was that these ‘trivial’ things don’t matter as it is difficult to handle such rush.  However, when I raised the voice, three other women spoke rooting for me.  I am confident that the foreigner would never have had been treated the same in her own country.

Secondly, it was poignant to see the under developed Agra. I pity on the leaders who are busy constructing the parks at places like Noida just to flaunt up their party symbol along with power and even with the change in government the sad truth maintains its decorum.  The impression lasts that in spite of being enlisted among the seven wonders of world, the Taj Mahal remains insufficient in drawing the administration’s interest for its upkeep.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wrinkled thoughts splashes out the over indulging memories... but then its all about seeking pleasure in pain ..!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

We Against Corrupt Politicians !!

When the lime ocean waves make you obscure with the heaviness of past, you grow to be a rigid believer of distrust and detachment. This is where the ordinary man is heading towards!! We, the common people, have shattered trust in our political potential. Well aware of the facts, we feel helpless even after enormous disclosures. The actions taken are extensive procedures with fruitless results. Zilch occurrence for good, heinous disclosures still make them stand with that power and authority. Each revelation results in the settlement and forgetfulness of the past one. Can there be an alternative to make each one pay for the deeds? We demand for an insured answer, but the point is who is responsible and answerable to us, as our tarnished (famous) politicians are busy playing scapegoats. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Unsurpassed University Days :-)

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It’s a perfect swine engrossed feeling, when I look back to the times of my juvenile university days. Everyone played snobbish and flamboyant recruiting the fad statement, screw to win attitude with a plucky brain, playing the infantile was their favorite game and abusing laughs which are still the cranes.

And then there was a fragile side too… listening to the over-romantic and sentimental poetry rains, sparkling at the secret crush tales, smiles around would clutch on the people’s gaze, maintaining friendships with a hard core strain.

Those wooing days remain a secret part of our heart which can be undraped with only the university counterparts. Everyone there is so very same, with binary sides of a beast and of supportive brain. Our slants remain the mirrors to each other, with some under wraps life moments, of which even best friends remain unaware.

Department was the fastidious plane which ensured an egoistic standing, decreeing one’s own to be the best then others. Elections deciding the winners over the year and shackled other parties without any fear, celebrating festivals were more important than any other doings, with girls lining up in the best of dresses and boys showing off their JATT attire not forgetting the Ray Ban aviators even at night :P The JAGO songs (Boli’s) were the treat to the ears with boys flattering the girls in every possible sphere, then again girls replying with a provocative attitude to heed more praise.  The lavishly organized fests were the exploring areas of new friendships, attitude and intellect. The stretched out functions and star nights prop up the superiority of student council, where girls turned crazy for the stars and boys structured their own bars ;-) :P

In the evening, getting into the hostel was the terrible feeling, a round in the market and sector 15 was must for all.  The afternoon visits to Stu-C were obligatory and was mentioned in our admission cards :D Library was the AC zone and ensured a glee eye dose to all the explorers. Not to forget some of the best poetry been composed at this enlightening place, with Gandhi Bhawan being the second such place ;-) Royal Enfields, Jeeps, luxurious cars with odd numbers were the style statements which ensured the trenditional train.

This endless list has a lot more to explain and there are still a lot many routine knacks that are important and insane, which remains a branch of our life with a silver spoon.

Miss you all !!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Reading one’s own mind out is perfect resolution for catharsis. The orators have the ability to speak well but the emotional texture can be out of anybody’s mind with perfect words. Speaking out the heart is supportive and resting. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

So callous is our nature that we overlook all the serene yards of our past life. How can we be so judgmental that we question the repute and declare them unworthy?  We brew with our own reasons and perceptions and still become the adjudicators of others life.