Friday, October 12, 2012

Are you the one who was quite intrinsic about your friends in your college days? But down to circumstances have become a lost part of this world. Well, stories around the world are way similar, just the situations and circumstances mold them a bit. We all are fond of coffee breaks, intense chit chats, long drives, powerful get together. Given a chance and a free from life spirit we all would swop into the same worlds which we had experienced at a point of time. Our hectic schedules have traveled us far overpowering our wayward aspect. Being unruly is the only way of delivering out our actual selves. Speaking and conducting one’s age is imperative but can’t we at times leave this behind and enter into our own world where civilization has atypical meaning. Piercing back in the old times might restructure our mind frame by assembling us with lively and youthful spirits.  Hope we fish out moment for those miniature living details.

Courtesy: my younger brother

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